Digvijay denies receiving notice from Bhushan

Digvijay denies receiving notice from Bhushan

"I have not received any notice from Bhushan and even if I do, I will not reply to it," Singh told PTI.

"Bhushan should be aware that sending legal notices does not serve any purpose," he said adding that the senior lawyer should file a case against him. Bhushan had served a legal notice on the Congress leader demanding a public apology for levelling allegations against him on a property deal.

The notice was served through lawyer Kamini Jaiswal who asked Singh to publicly apologise for the "incorrect allegations" made by him against Bhushan. A copy of the legal notice was also sent to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

Singh said that BJP President Nitin Gadkari too had sent him a legal notice, to which he had not replied. The notice was sent to Singh last year for his allegations of corruption against Gadkari. He had alleged that Gadkari had amassed huge wealth in a short span of time and his antecedents should be checked.

"Following that the matter died its natural death," Singh said.