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Laugh your way through

ENTERTAINING A still from the film. Comedian Jaggesh’s out and out commercial movie ‘Double Decker’ hits the screens today. Targeted at the IT crowd in any city, Jaggesh hopes his movie would make people laugh. “It’s a serious subject that’s woven around comedy. People will laugh through the first half and the suspense begins only in the second half of the movie,” he said.

Jaggesh appears in a double role in the movie. “We conducted a survey among the Kannada film goers in the City. Most said they preferred a comedy to an action or a romantic movie. We decided to go by the survey and scripted a comedy,” Jaggesh told Metrolife. Jaggesh said he decided to make a movie only for the IT crowd. “People go to the theatre on the weekends only to unwind. The movie is about a man (Jaggesh) who has two wives. He’s happy living with two beautiful, understanding women but the movie takes a U-turn when another man, a look alike of Jaggesh comes in the second half of the movie,” explained Jaggesh and added, “the second half has me as a villain. He’s the bad guy who comes in and shakes things up.” 

Jaggesh pointed out that it’s all about calculation towards the end of the movie.

“I will not say more about the film but the second half gives room for a lot of speculation. People are provoked to weave their own interpretation. The climax is revealed only towards the end.” 

“I was inspired to make this movie after I got a lot of requests on Facebook, from my fans wanting to see me in a comedy role. Most of those who follow me on Facebook are the IT crowd,” said Jaggesh.

A lot of money has been spent in shooting the songs, most of which have been shot at picturesque locations across the world.

The movie has Telugu actress Shia Gautham and Shraddha Arya in the lead roles with Jaggesh. 

Nina C George

Caught in a terror wing

A scene from Koffi Shop.The news of terror strikes and bomb blasts, in different parts of the country, inspired director Geetha Krishna to make a Kannada film Koffi Shop that releases on Friday.
 It portrays terror and its effect on different levels.

Director Geetha says that he drew inspiration from the Cafe Coffee Day culture that has caught on among the young people in every City.

The story begins in a coffee shop where all kinds of people come.

“You could be sitting with a terrorist in the same coffee shop, you never know. Anything can happen over a cup of coffee,” observed Geetha and added, “I was terribly disturbed with the news of terror. Kasab who struck Mumbai was an ordinary guy who was lured by money. Young men fall prey to terrorism pretty quickly. They don’t give it a second thought. That they make some quick money is all that matters. This is the soul of the story,” he said.    

The story traces the life of a village lad who comes to the City in search of a job.
He unknowingly gets sucked into an international terrorist network. 

“This young man is given the task of planting bombs in several parts of Bangalore City. But he uses the power of his mind to save the City. It’s a thriller,” said Geetha.

  The movie has Bianca Desai, Atul Kulkarni and Shashank in the lead roles.