BBMP official commits suicide

M Lakshman Indeed, Assistant Commissioner (Elections), M Lakshman (57) cited the raid conducted on his house by the Lokayukta (for having assets disproportionate to his income) as the main reason for having to hang himself at the Palike head quarters here on Thursday.
The suicide notes he had left behind also carried a request for his family to donate his eyes and kidneys and use his salary savings of Rs 1.75 lakh for charity. The official seem to have chosen Palike head quarters for swift recovery of his remains which would enable the body parts he intended to donate to be removed in time.

Lakshman was found hanging in the chamber of the Palike office office by a clerk at 8.15 am. From the notes he had left, it was confirmed that he had taken his life. In all, he had written four letters, one each addressed to his wife, the Ulsoor Gate police inspector, the City Police Commissioner, the Lokayukta, the Palike Commissioner (Admin) and Deputy Commissioner (Admin).

The Lokayukta raid carried out on Lakshman’s residence in March 2009 had yielded Rs 1.35 crore in assets as per the panchnama filed. The assets, according to the panchnama, had shown that Lakshman had one complex in Jayanagar and two more houses in the city. 

Palike officials say that the Laxman was under a great deal of pressure and depression after the raid and was not in a frame of mind to work. It is learnt that prior to the raid, Lakshman was all set to claim the Voluntary Retirement Scheme. “But, unfortunately with the raid, he took the decision to end his life,” said a Palike official. Despite his suspension from the post after the raid, Lakshman continued to attend work to the office to assist his colleagues at work. He was due for retirement in the next one and half years.

While the letter addressed to the Lokayukta Santosh Hegde had not reached the concerned party, the latter nonetheless expressed his sympathies to the family of Lakshman. Meanwhile, the authorities opened the letter to the Ulsoor Gate Police Inspector. The letter read: “I have taken this step without any pressure or coercion... In a detailed letter to the Lokayukta, BBMP Commissioner (Admin) and the Deputy Commissioner (Admin) I have given my reasons for taking this step...”

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