Youth fair begins with a colourful note

Youth fair begins with a colourful note

Utilise youth power to build nation, says Speaker Bopaiah

SHOWCASING youth power: Malemahadeshwara Beesu Kamsale hobby group staging a performance at the Mysore block-level youth fair in Koodige near Kushalnagar on Thursday. DH Photo

In his inaugural address, Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah gave a call for the youth to utilise the youth power to build a powerful nation. The youth must work towards building the nation rather than engaging in harmful activities. “The youth have been entrusted to bring a social development in the nation. They have to work to eliminate corruption in the country.

The girls and boys should take part in the programmes like youth fair which depict the art, culture and tradition of our nation. The youth should engage in constructive activities where they will be able to expose their talent and also at the same time would be able to hold the integrity of the nation. The youth should follow the morals and values put forth by the leaders like Swami Vivekananda and Jayaprakash Narayan,” he said.

ZP President Shanteyanda Ravi Kushalappa asked the youth to imbibe good qualities in them, thus engaging in social activities. Such youth fair held in portraying different culture and tradition of our nation under a single roof, he said.

Colourful procession

The colourful cultural procession which started off in Koodumangalore Community Hall
grabbed the attention of the crowd. The various art troupes who took part in the procession unveiled a range of art forms to the viewers. Kamsale by Malemahadeshwara Beesu Kamsale hobby group, Pooja Kunitha by Karasavadi Vinayaka Youth Art team, Dollu Kunitha and other dances were the highlights of the procession.

Ummathat and Bolakkat dance performance by the artistes from Kushalnagar depicting
Kodava culture too added additional flavour to the procession. As many as 800 participants from eight districts took part. Competitions were held for men and women in 17 categories.