He can do magic...

He can do magic...


 But what sets Jadugar Anand apart from others is the fact that he creates miracles. Jadugar Anand, who is known for his unique shows, is in the City along with his son Akash, after five years. He has come back with a whole new set of tricks to enthrall the crowd this summer.

His show kicked off in a grand manner on Thursday with actress Aindrita Ray attending the premiere show. Clad in a heavily-embroidered magician’s outfit, Anand entered the stage amidst huge applause and presented breath-taking shows which kept the audience at the edge of its seat. Initially, he presented common tricks like producing flowers from empty baskets and birds from fingertips.

A few out-of-the-box magic tricks included girls balancing themselves on bamboo sticks, a dog going into a box and coming out as a girl to name a few.

The crowd, which comprised mostly kids and college students, enjoyed each and every trick and responded with a huge applause.

Then Anand requested for a volunteer from the audience and a girl came forward. He inserted a sword into her neck and its tip came out from the other side of her neck.

 When he removed it, the girl was safe as expected. He also levitated her and made her float in the air without any physical support.

Anand is known to be interactive with his audience and share the details of the tricks before each show.

 He is also popular for his new set of illusions coupled with century-old magic tricks. Some of the most exciting tricks of Anand are making a live elephant appear from thin air and making the Statue of Liberty disappear in slow motion. While Anand was presenting one trick after the other, some of the audience members were struggling to get to the bottom of the tricks.

“Some of his tricks are unbelievable. So I was suspecting a trapdoor or something of the sort on the stage through which, people locked in boxes disappear. But no such things were found. On the whole, I was totally impressed with his show. As the kids have summer vacations, parents can bring them here. It is worth a watch,” said Hameed Pasha, a investment consultant who attended the show with his children.

One can catch Anand’s Magic Show at Town Hall, J C Road everyday at 4 pm and 7 pm. For details, call 7829904312 and 7829904316.