Quick tips to beat the heat

Quick tips to beat the heat


Quick tips to beat the heat

Kitchen secrets: Mint, tulsi and cucumber are all natural skin toners and cleansers.

An important aspect of beauty care during the summer months is staying fresh — the operative words being ‘cool’ and ‘fresh’. The heat and the sweat get one tired and listless faster. Skin and hair also begin to look dull. Skin fresheners and tonics not only help refresh the skin, but leave one feeling good too.

Floral waters, containing rose or lavender, make good skin fresheners. Look for skin tonics or  fresheners that contain these cooling extracts.

For those with oily skin, astringent helps remove grease, but it is important to ensure that the astringent only uses a mild chemical. Some astringents can be harsh on the skin, due to their high-alcohol content. If there is a burning sensation, immediately discontinue using the astringent.

Skin tonic must have a gentle action, so that one can use it several times a day. Herbal products are usually milder than cosmetic ones.

Rose water is one of the best known skin fresheners. To combat oily skin, mix a few few drops of lemon juice with rose water and use it as a cleanser.

Rosewater and witch hazel: Make your own skin freshener with rose water and witch hazel. This combination not only tones the skin but has an anti-septic effect. It is also believed to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness. Witch hazel can be purchased at a pharmacy.

For normal skin: Mix together ¾ cup of rose water with ¼ cup of witch hazel.

For greasy skin: Mix rose water and witch hazel in equal quantities.

For dry skin: Mix together ¾ cup of rosewater, ¼ cup of witch hazel and half a teaspoon of pure glycerin or a teaspoon of pure honey. For dry skin, only pure rose water may be used.

Cucumber juice or grated cucumber also makes a good skin freshener. It is a natural coolant and is ideal for summer. Cucumber is also a natural astringent and helps reduce oiliness and close up open pores. Cucumber pulp can be mixed with yogurt and applied on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes.

Use mint leaves to freshen and tone the skin. Crush mint leaves and add them to a bowl of water. Let that stand for an hour. Strain the water and wash the face with this solution. It is cool and refreshing.

For problem skin: If the skin is greasy and prone to pimples and acne, use skin tonics that contain tulsi (basil). Crush tulsi leaves and add them to boiling water. Allow this mix to stand for a few hours so that the water cools. Strain the water. Add an equal amount of rose water to the water. Dip wads of cotton and use it to wipe the face.

To treat oily skin, mix lemon juice with egg white and a few drops of honey. Apply and wash off after 15 minutes. This skin tonic cleanses and refreshes the skin, reducing oiliness and closing up old, open pores.

Essential oils: Add a few drops of essential oil to water to make a skin freshener. Many herbal skin fresheners contain essential oils. However, proceed with caution because essential oils should never be used as concentrates. Always dilute with water or oil.

To make your own skin freshener with essential oils, add two drops of the essential oil to 10 ml of  boiled and cooled water. Put this into an atomiser so that you get a fine spray of the lotion on the skin, but be careful to avoid the eyes. Apply it or use it to clean the skin.

You may add five drops of essential oil of rose to 50 ml of mineral water. Store it in a cool place. Such fresheners help to remove fatigue.

For oily skin, use an essential oil of lavender or rose.

For normal and dry skin, use an essential oil of rose, lavender or geranium.