'Foreigners serving us our own culture in new garb'

'Foreigners serving us our own culture in new garb'

forTanneeru Halla Mutt seer Sri Immadi Shivalinga inaugurating the regional training camp for Sanskrit teachers organised by Sanskrit Bharati Association. Kannika Parameshwari Bank President A G Vanaja Raj, C S Krishnaswamy, Dr Y S Veerabhadrappa, Shankarmutt Dharmadhikari Sreekantaiah and SDM Principal Prasanna Narasimha Rao are seen. DH Photo Speaking at a regional training camp for teachers organised by Sanskrita Bharati Association here on Friday, Dr Rao said this knowledge can be used more effectively if we were to understand its value and treasure it for generations to come.

“Sanskrit not only has the essence of Indian languages, but many languages worldwide have borrowed from the language. There is a huge treasure of knowledge lying unearthed in this. However, we have turned blind to all this by rejecting its presence. Sanskrit had over one lakh shlokas pertaining to Ayurveda and Samhita saw 12,000 being preserved.

Today, we are on the verge of losing many of those as well,” he said, emphasising on the fact that not understanding our tradition has brought us face-to-face with many problems.  

In order to express solidarity with the task of saving Sanskrit, a rule will be made at SDM college that all staff members will converse with each other in Sanskrit for one whole day.

Addressing the gathering after inauguration, Immadi Shivalinga seer of Tanneeru Halla mutt said children who learn Sanskrit will be good in phonetics. “Children should be taught to speak and write Sanskrit at an early age,” he said.

South Zone Organising Secretary Nagaraj of Sanskrita Bharati said: “Foreigners are coming forward to learn Sanskrit owing to its rich knowledge base pertaining to Ayurveda and Yoga. Since our tradition of knowledge is rooted in this language, it is necessary that we save this.

In the last three decades, Sanskrita Bharati has helped more than one crore people learn to converse in Sanskrit,” he said, adding people ignored this language till few years ago.

“But today, things have changed. Sanskrit books are witnessing good sales,” he added.  
Principal of Ramakrishna Vidyashala C S Krishnaswamy, District Chief Commissioner of Scouts and Guides Dr Y S Veerabhadrappa, Kannika Parameshwari Bank President A G Vanaja Raj, Shankara Mutt Dharmadhikari Sreekantaiah and others also spoke on the occasion.