Specially-abled kids demonstrate tricks of witchcraft

Specially-abled kids demonstrate tricks of witchcraft


A student dancing on the broken glass pieces at a programme organised by Mobility India in Chamarajanagar. DH PHOTO

The children brought out eggs from a magical bag, cash out of thin air, held burning camphor on their palms and other tricks that are used to cheat innocent citizens. The students were capable of exposing the tricks being used by the so-called god men or possessed by gods within two days of learning them at the Miracle Research Centre at Doddaballapura, thanks to the Centre’s hon director Hulikal Nataraj.

The programme was organised by Mobility India at J H Patel auditorium in Chamarajanagar on Thursday, which drew attention of the parents and was encouraged by the audience with a huge round of applause after each act.

Hulikal Nataraj, who spoke on the occasion, said majority of people in Chamarajanagar district believe in the practice of witchcraft and believers in super natural powers are in good number. ‘As long as people are there to believe in astrology, numerology and rebirth, miscreants make quick money by using these tricks’, he opined.

Mobility India programme coordinator S N Anand, Deenabandhu Institute Hon Secretary G S Jayadev and others are present.