TN parties spar over report on Lanka Tamils

TN parties spar over report on Lanka Tamils

 The United Nations is set to shortly release the panel’s report in full. It was sent to Sri Lanka by UN Secretary General Ban K Moon to probe into the Tamils’ plight during the LTTE war.

AIADMK General Secretary, J Jayalalitha  pointed out that the most serious human rights violations in  Lanka under President Rajapakshe would “amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Ridiculing DMK president M Karunanidhi’s claim that hostilities against civilians at the height of the war had ended, Jayalalitha said that the UN report had conclusively disproved his claims.

 Karunanidhi. however, rejected her charges against him.

“We have no details on what the UN proposed to do with this report nor do we have any clue about the stance the Government of India will take on the report,” said Karunanidhi in a statement.