Striking the right chord

Directed by popular actor Master Anand, Paduvaralli Paddegalu, will go on air from April 25 at 10.30 pm on weekdays on Suvarna TV. Anand was also the man behind Suvarna’s highly successful comedy show, SSLC Nan Maklu, which ran for over two years. 

Set against a semi-urban backdrop, the serial explores the lighter side of the lives of a few jobless youngsters. “While most of the ongoing comedies are city and family-centric, Paduvaralli Paddegalu, as the name suggests, is set in a small town. Our last production gave us a good understanding of the kind of comedy that Kannada viewers are looking for. The new series will surely meet everyone’s expectations,” says Anand.

Shot in the beautiful Kolar, the serial’s cast includes many popular and veteran comedians and youngsters. “Comedy has been missing on Suvarna for sometime now and being a family entertainment channel, it’s one genre that needs to be covered. After watching different genres of programmes including reality and fiction programmes, viewers prefer to end the day on a lighter note. SSLC Nan Maklu used to do extremely well. After a short gap, Master Anand is back with yet another winner, this time it’s more different,” says Anup Chandrashekharan, Business Head, Suvarna.

Sinking into the local culture 

TLC presents ‘Invite Mr Wright — Japan’ on April 25 at 9 pm.

The brand new series, ‘Invite Mr Wright’, takes an offbeat and humourous look at travel as the locals of each place that host Ian Wright visits, welcomes him into their lives.

From Singapore to India to Malaysia to Japan, Ian experiences what each city has to offer.

Ian is invited to Japan in this episode to experience the country through the eyes of his host, his family and friends. Hanging out with his gracious hosts, Ian learns what life is really like for the locals.