In love with the 'wild wild West'

In love with the 'wild wild West'


 POPULAR A scene from ‘Inception’.While the distinction should be limited to genres or quality of movies, it often gets very unreasonable. Everyone is always surrounded by at least one if not more friends who pride themselves in watching only English movies giving ‘better quality’ as an excuse. Whether these English movie buffs have a point or not, it often leads to unwanted situations. Metrolife takes a look at this peculiar trend and finds out how people surrounding them deal with this.

“I think it’s a bit irritating to talk about movies with such friends. No argument holds any water in front of their love for English movies and contempt for desi cinema. It’s just fashionable that way and they are stubborn in their belief,” says Anish, a software professional. “In India, everyone watches pretty much everything when they are in school but it is only in college that the English movie bug hits people and suddenly every other kind of cinema becomes passe,” says Rashmi, a marketing

Others feel that ‘personal choice’ is fine as long as you don’t pass irritating comments on other people’s taste. “One of my friends, who is a hardcore English movie buff, always gives out sarcastic comments every time I praise some Hindi movie. His standard reply usually is ‘Do you go and watch anything playing at the movie hall?’,” says Vritika, a professional. “I have stopped talking to him about movies altogether,” she adds.

As bugging as this attitude is, there are always means to solve such problems. “If it is a large group, you can always force such friends to come along for a Hindi movie,” says Abhishek Sharma, an IT professional. And sometimes, a reality check is also helpful. “Once I forced one of my friends to come and watch a Hindi movie with me.

It was a movie that I had already seen and really liked. I just wanted him to admit that he was wrong,” says Anu, a financial consultant. “And he did like the film as he came out of the hall without any complaints,” she adds.

Watching movies, after all, is about having a good time. “Being open is what a movie-watching experience is all about. Indian cinema has some gems of its own which these ‘connoisseurs of cinema’ miss out on. And you can’t be a true cinema lover if you have such reservations,” says Anish.