Remove the stress from skin

Remove the stress from skin

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Remove the stress from skin

Puffiness is a type of skin problem that is very common in these stressful times. This type of skin is also know as watery skin and is due to congestion of the tissues with water. In women, this usually happens just before menstruation to those who are prone to water retention.

Hay fever, sinusitis, irritation or any other allergic reaction could also cause puffiness, especially around the eyes. It could also occur after an illness. If you are taking drugs, it could happen as well and sometimes it could be a sign of kidney malfunction.

Daily care

Cleansing: Wash face with mild soap and rinse with cold water. Toning: with rose water. Conditioning:  Massage the face with a few drops of face oil made of one teaspoon of almond oil to which two drops of rose oil have been added. 

Apply deep pressure around the sinus area and the mouth.  After the massage, apply a hot towel to the face for a few minutes.  Remove and apply a towel dipped in cold water to which a drop of rose essential oil has been added.

Face Mask: Apply a face mask made of Fuller's earth.

Do's and Don'ts

Don't apply thick creams on your face, especially at night.

*Use light nourishing plant face oil.

*Avoid salt and sugar in your diet.

*Eat plenty of celery, parsley, cucumber and zucchini (courgettes).

The production of the colouring of the colouring agent, melanin in our skin is influenced by the hormone produced by our endocrinal system.  Certain internal conditions such as a menopause and disorders have adverse effects on the endocrinal system, causing hormonal imbalance. This further results in an over secretion of colouring pigment.

Coupled with this, an excessive keratinization, a condition characterized by the presence of the unaffiliated dead cells on the skin's causes the darkening of the complexion. In fact, our horny skin surface absorbs excessive melanin and therefore appears dark.

In the case of liver disorders it is found that excess bilirubin seeps out of the blood vessels into the spaces between the tissue cells.  This imparts a yellow tone to the skin. Oral Medication: The drugs prescribed for high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, insomnia, birth control and acne have unfavourable effects on the skin.  More often than not, these drugs cause spot pigmentation.

Daily care

Cleansing: Clean with a mild cleansing milk containing Chamomile or rose. Toning: With rose water to which two drops of Benzoin has been added. Conditioning:  Massage the pigmented areas with one teaspoonof castor oil to which one drop of lavender has been added. Make  a facial oil using one teaspoon of castor oil and three drops of lavender oil. Massage a few  drops on to the face.

Two to three time a week: Deep cleanse with a scrub.  To make your own, crush some almonds, mix with a teaspoon of honey and gently rub on your face for a few minutes.  Rinse off with cool water. Once a week, use a face mask. One tablespoon of milk powder, one tablespoon of milk of magnesia, the juice of half a lemon and one drop of lavender oil - make into a paste with yoghurt.

Do’s and Don'ts

In case of uneven skin tone in patches, supplement iron and calcium in your diet with the advice of a doctor.

*If the complexion is pale and dull, supplement Vitamin A in your diet to improve colour. Drink carrot juice.

*In case a severe pigmentation for a long period of time consults a physician.

*Have a Vitamin B Complex capsule every day.  It is harmless as it is water-soluble and the excess is easily flushed out.

*Do not use cosmetics which have colouring agents.  If you cannot avoid this, use minimal make up.

*Use a sun block cream before going out in the sun.

*Avoid using oral birth control drugs and sleeping pills. 

*Avoid distress and anxiety as much as possible.

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