'Economic policies killing labour class'

'Economic policies killing labour class'

Udupi district-level BMS meet

Speaking at the Udupi district-level BMS conference here on Sunday, he emphasised on the management dealings that have turned out the labourers into mere robots. He said government has failed to take protective measures against labourers’ interest who are the victims of the atrocities by the owners. Indian economic policies are the footprints of the failed economies across the globe. Labourers are treated as the commodities for sale in the labour market that replicates the American policies of use and throw concept, he lamented.

He said that the government’s claim indicating the downfall in the poverty ratio is ridiculous. On the other hand, the country still has huge number of population with livelihood of only Rs 20 per day. The government tries to create a reflection of optimism that has nothing to do with the real scenario, he ridiculed.

The corrupt assurances lend by the government in the budget is nothing but the security offered to the capitalists and the entire budget is drawn keeping the interests of the corporate and capitalists as the core concern.

Agriculture budget by the State government is absolutely a tear wiping melodrama of the government that intends to loot farmers in the name of farming, Rao said.

“We need equal pay for equal work and justice to our hard work. Labourers jatha will go to New Delhi to demand rights on November 23, 2011,” he informed.

Earlier, the conference was inaugurated by Paryaya Shiroor mutt pontiff Sri Laxmivaratheertha Sripada.