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Saralaya Sisters Vocal duet by ‘sisters’

The Raja Rajeshwarinagar Cultural Association, established in 2001, organised vocal, veena, saxophone, bhajan and dance recitals were held during the Ramothsava celebrations of this year and Prof M R Krishnamurthy, senior dancer, received the "Purandara Prashasthi".

Ganakalashri Kavitha Saralaya and Triveni Venkatram known as 'Saralaya Sisters' performed at a concert at the Rajarajeshwarinagar Cultural Association, Saralaya sisters opened their programme with a 'Pancharathna krithi' 'Jagadananda Karaka'.

Brief swara for the 'Sri Mahaganapathe Sri Vallabha' was lively and 'Sri Raghukulama- nu' of Saint Tyagaraja was also pleasing.

'Sukhi evaro' is a delightful kruthi and 'Sakalagrahabala neene' is a familiar devaranama of Purandara Dasa.

The finale was 'Parama Pavana Rama', which brought out the thorough unity of approach of the sisters. B Raghuram (violin), B R Srinivas (mridanga) and Guru Prasanna (khanjari) supported the violinists. Incidentally Saralaya Sisters concert was the 200th programme of the Association.

Gaana Jnana Sudhe

A large gathering attended music, dance, Harikatha and discourses at the Sri Rama Mandira, N R Colony, on all the days of the Ramothsava celebrations. Last week K V Krishna Prasad and S R Vinay gave a music programme here, called "Gaana Jnana Sudhe" which was different from the routine music concerts. K N Venkatanarayana, reputed Philanthropist, gave brief description of each composition, quoting from Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagawatha extensively, which was informative, throughout. Krishna Prasad and Vinay sang compositions of trinity, Haridasas and a patriotic song too.

'Akhilandeswari' is a well known 'kruthi' on Devi and the 'Guruvina Gulamanaguva Thanaka' is a pada which hails the importance of a teacher. The duo sang 'Mamahridaye' sharing the alapana and swara by turns. S Yashasvi, B K Chandramouli and N S Krishna Prasad accompanied on violin, mridanga and ghata, respectively.

Seasoned vocalist

S Sowmya, senior vocalist, was supported on last Saturday, by B U Ganesh Prasad (violin), Pungalam Subramanyam (mridanga), Sukanya Ramgopal (ghata) and Gopalakrishna (khanjari) at programme organised by Seshadripuram Samiti
Sowmya, chose compositions of different composers, in various languages and ragas, which vindicated her artistic insight of a seasoned musician. Tyagaraja's master piece 'Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva' - was the highlight of the programme in all its glory and the meaningful nerval (Rama Brahma Thanayu) further enhanced the musical stature of the vocalist.

While the 'Ekambresha Nayike' charmed the connoisseurs, the Kannada devaranama 'Hannu bandied Kolliri' at once reminded Dr S Ramanathan, who popularised it. 'Bhogendra Shayinam' is liked by the listeners, always.

Unhurried grace

The Sri Rama Mandiram Association, Model House Block, conducted a number of cultural programmes, apart from religious rituals, in connection with the Ramothsava.
Pattabhiram Pandit, opened his vocal concert, with a varna and chose 'Rama Rama'. The 'Raghuvara' is always a favourite of both musicians and music lovers. 'Sogasuga Mridanga' caught the attention with unhurried grace and lyrical grandeur.

His chiselled style surfaced in the 'Intha Soukhyamu' accounting for wholesomeness. Violin (TKV Ramanujacharyulu) and mridanga (H S Sudhindra) support was elegant and enjoyable.

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