When pleas fall on deaf ears

When pleas fall on deaf ears


When pleas fall on deaf ears

chaos The recent rains left the motorists helpless. DH Photo by Dinesh S K

Why does the City get flooded after a spell of rain? The recent pre-monsoon thundershowers resulted in the collapse of a wall of Freedom Park which crushed 38-year-old architect, Prakash, to death.

The incident has irked many in the City who tell Metrolife that every year, they either face or read about the same set of problems the minute it rains in the City.
Not only do they feel it is the failure on part of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara
Palike (BBMP) but they also wonder why there is no long term solutions to such problems.

Having been a part of the ‘adjust maadi community’ for long now, Sangeeta, a professional, says that the incident has sent a strong message across the City on how poorly the BBMP has maintained the place.

“It’s time they do something about it. One can’t just sit around and watch innocent people die because of somebody else’s carelessness. This is just the beginning of the season,” she says. Madhuri, a homemaker, says that the incident has made her feel insecure of the surroundings.

During heavy showers, she makes sure she stays indoor rather than be a victim. “It’s sad that only when incidents like these happen, one realises how bad the BBMP is. And once the season ends, everyone forgets about such cases. I don’t know why the BBMP has to wait till the rains for people to point fingers at it. Can’t it be better prepared especially since the City faces such rains every year?” she asks.

The BBMP, which has been cornered for taking a blind eye to the already weak wall, is yet to come out with a solid plan for the future. On being asked about the situation, Mayor SK Nataraj had the usual excuses. He says that the BBMP has taken up the issue seriously and even deported troupes to educate people on ‘rainwater harvesting’ and the pruning of trees in many areas.

“We believe that rainwater harvesting will, to some extent, help the water from
 going out on the roads and also, we have set a deadline till May before which, we are going to trim the weak branches. We are also bringing out 60 prahari teams who will help out during the incidents of water-logging and trees falling down,” he adds.

Residents say that praharis are helpful but by the time they get through to the
control room and the praharis arrive, it’s too late. “Every year, we have been facing the same problems. Like many of us, looks like even the BBMP is used to such incidents. It’s almost as if it waits for a tragedy to occur every year. One of the biggest problems in the City is the weak drainage system but despite many complaints from the public, there is
nothing being done about it.

Only if they can get the drainage in order will there be some damage control,” says Girish, a resident of Jayanagar. Prevention is a must but according to Bharath Reddy, an advocate, the solution lies in getting quality work done instead of quantity. “I feel it is better if the BBMP leases out work like rebuilding of walls or unclogging of drainage to people who provide good quality work. It should not compromise on the quality of the contract just because of the price. As long good work is being done, it’s all worth it,” he adds.