The essence of time

The essence of time

A simple act of timely help would make a world of difference.

Right from the moment of our birth we start walking towards the end of our tenure on this planet and within this limited span we create our individual little worlds, leading a time-guided pattern of life from infancy to a ripe age, which is beautifully depicted by William Shakespeare in the form of ‘The seven ages of man’ in his popular play ‘As you like it’. Such is the involvement of ‘time’ in human life — which is also a great healer of all tragic events and unfulfilled dreams of life.

Ironically, it is the sanctity of ‘time’ that is ignored more often than not. I cannot forget a singularly heart-breaking incident, the likes of which many of us must have come across.
An accountant working for a very wealthy businessman of my acquaintance had fixed the wedding of his only daughter for which he had sought financial help by way of a fairly big advance, which the latter thoughtlessly refused notwithstanding the long and dedicated service rendered by the accountant. Disgusted with the attitude of his employer the accountant left the job. Realising his mistake later, the businessman contacted the accountant with the money.

Alas! It was too late! The wedding had been called off for want of funds and the young bride-to-be lost her mental balance, unable to bear the anguish and trauma of her parents! A simple act of timely help would have made a world of difference in someone’s life.

This is just a miniscule example of myriad such happenings around us that go to show the consequences of ignoring a timely action. And how true it is in today’s political scenario! Had the Lokpal legislation been enforced 42 years back when it was conceived, things in our land would have been vastly different today. Bleeding of national wealth leading to its economic anemia by the enemies of society with such brazen impunity would certainly not have been possible to this magnitude, and the quality of life of the common man would have been far better than what it is today.

Fortunately the nation has found an angel in Anna Hazare who, with his magic wand, has triggered a tsunami of spontaneous mass response and support from every nook and corner of the country which has turned out to be a virtual war between the might of the exasperated people and the corrupt portals of power. As expected, the forces whose nefarious designs are likely to be affected by the enforcement of this bill have already begun to create hurdles. Again, only time will reveal the outcome of this struggle!