Have you ever forgotten to do something – forgot to pay a bill on time, keep a luncheon appointment or carry the birthday cake home?   NudgeMail can help remind you of these tasks so that you don’t have to!

NudgeMail is an email reminder service that makes it as easy as possible for people to write themselves notes and have those notes sent back to their email inboxes at pre-determined times.

 One of the good things about NudgeMail is that you don’t have to sign up or even register to start using the service.

All you have to do is type up a note or forward an existing email to NudgeMail and in the subject line type in a desired date and time to get the reminder, and relax, because NudgeMail is never late and it never forgets, and, it doesn’t cost you a rupee! Check out the NudgeMail service at nudgemail.com. More details over there.

Web page in PDF

Say, you are reading an article in Deccan Herald or any other on the web and wish to save the page, try this Google Extension 'Send to Google Docs'. It is a simple extension to save a web page in PDF format and store it at Google Docs.

It involves a very simple 2 click process, saves the entire page as one long pdf page (no split images), an option to save directly without confirmation (making it a 1-click process).
Usage is simple:

While on the page you would like to save, click ‘Send’ to Google Docs button at the upper right hand corner of your browser. The webpage gets saved in pdf format and it can be either browsed at Google Docs or downloaded.

The Send to Google Docs extension Version 1.4.4 (April 18, 2011) can
be downloaded at http://goo.gl/GeCd9. Firefox users can install the Send to Google Docs add-on using this link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/220850/

Read books by email

You are busy and do not have much time to catch up with reading? Try Dripread, which delivers to you books and articles by email.

Dripread is free and simple to use: Choose your pick from the Dripread library or upload your own book, and decide how much of it you would like to read each day - read them in one chunk or more.

 The library contains lectures from the open university, Wikibooks, classic novels and so on, all hosted at http://www.dripread.com.

Please note if you wish to upload your own book or article, its format should be in ePUB. And to convert your upload to ePUB you could utilise the service offered by Calibre at http://calibre-ebook.com/. An FAQ on Dripread can be browsed at http://www.dripread.com/FAQ