Yuvaraja's College, a Kohinoor diamond

Yuvaraja's College, a Kohinoor diamond

Valedictory of cultural, sports and NSS activities held

He was speaking at the valedictory of cultural, sports and National Service Scheme activities at the college here on Tuesday.

Pointing out that even though the centenary celebrations was 16 years away, it was necessary to plan and prepare for the huge occasion and bring more than 50,000 students, who have passed out from the college, and make the celebration a mega occasion.

Even though 83 years have passed since the establishment of the college, Dr Prakash described Yuvaraja’s as a young college.

Being an alumni of Yuvaraja’s College, he said that joining the institution was the greatest decision of his life. Furthermore, he exhorted students to focus on science.
“As you develop a career in science, you can even win the Nobel prize... Work hard and plan your work,” Dr Prakash advised students, who listened in rapt attention. He also called upon youth to inculcate a scientific temper. He told students to also give quality time to the society, in return for the facilities it had provided to them.

Commending the work of teachers, he said that they were selfless and shaped the career of thousands of students without expecting anything in return.

With the rapid improvements in technology, Dr Prakash said that the onus of preparing for a class had increased tremendously on students.

Celebrate Chemistry

With the ‘International Year of Chemistry’ being celebrated world over, he urged the college to conduct a day-long workshop or exhibition, as it would motivate lot of people.
Addressing the audience, UoM Physical Education Director Dr C Krishna advised students to develop a healthy body to wade across the tremendous pressures in life.

He said that the tendency to commit suicides was increasing as people weren’t keeping a healthy mind and body.