Eliminated contestant slams reality show

Eliminated contestant slams reality show

Akshatha to lodge a complaint with the State womens panel

Eliminated contestant slams reality show

Akshatha, a resident of the city, told a press conference here on Tuesday that she would soon file a complaint with the Karnataka State Women’s Commission against the directors of the show ‘Pyate Hudgir Halli Life - Season 2’.

“At every step, I became a  victim of injustice, cheating and favouritism. When I questioned the injustice being meted out to me, they started humiliating me, calling me a ‘big zero’ and  ‘Dandapinda’,” Akshatha said.

Akshatha, who said she worked as a merchandising manager in a private firm in Bangalore, added that her desire to appear on TV had led her to participate in the show.

Explaining that she was with the show from February 22 to April 23, Akshatha said that she was selected because another girl had opted out of the show.

A reel show

“After participating in the reality show, I found out that it is a ‘reel’ show,” she said.

“They have designed the show in such a way that a pre-selected person wins the show. Even though I have completed many tasks successfully, those who were in the danger zone frequently are still continuing. For these channels only TRP is important and not talent,” she added.

Mental torture

When she protested against the favouritism, she was subjected to mental torture by the director of the show and the channel anchor.

“I am not doing this for publicity, but to warn other girls to beware of the stark realities of reality shows,” added Akshatha.