Song 'Character Dheela' a tribute to Raj, Dilip and Dharmendra

Song 'Character Dheela' a tribute to Raj, Dilip and Dharmendra

Song 'Character Dheela' a tribute to Raj, Dilip and Dharmendra

In the song Salman and Zarine will be seen paying tribute to these yesteryear actors of Hindi cinema. Both will play different hit movie pairs of the past.

"We often use this word 'character dheela hai' in a negative way. We were trying to make it sound good. Eventually the song should look good and presentable. Personally, my character is less 'dheela' as you can see my average is very less...and I am 46-year-old," Salman told reporters here.

In one act, both will be seen playing Shahzada Saleem and Anarkali like Dilip Kumar and Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam; in another act Salman and Zarine will be seen in the black and white era playing tribute to the showman Raj Kapoor along with Nargis. Yet another sequence will see the two recreate the magic of the 'Sholay' pair, Viru and Basanti on screen.

"It is our way of paying tribute to Raj Saheb, Dilip Saheb and Dharamji. We are not one per cent close to their performances," Salman said.
The song has been choreographed by Mudassar Khan, who has previously choreographed Salman in 'Dabangg'.

"I was an assistant to Raj Saheb in 'Prem Rog'. I respect him a lot. I am a huge fan of Dilip Saheb and Dharamji entertained us a lot. Salman and me love and respect them a lot. So he is in their get up," director Anees told PTI here.

"Our intention is not to hurt anyone. They are all our seniors and we have grown up seeing their films and have learnt a lot from them. We have not done anything that would disrespect them and their work towards cinema," he said.

The romantic comedy, starring Salman and Asin, is all set to release on June 3.