'Saying goodbye is hard to do'

'Saying goodbye is hard to do'


NOSTALGIC The outgoing students of PES College.

Every campus is busy hosting farewell parties to its outgoing batch in unique ways. Bangalore being the favourite destination of students from across the country as well as other nations, the outgoing batches have a lot of outstation students who are reluctant to leave the City. As the City offers a number of career opportunities for graduates, many of them prefer to stay back. But those returning to their respective states, have a lot of memories to take back home.

Arshad, a Kashmiri student from City College, is all set to fly back home after exams. Ever since he arrived in the City, he has been in love with the people here. Though he faced a few food-related problems initially, he is well adapted to the Bangalorean way of life now. “I need not mention about the weather as this is one of the common reasons why people love Bangalore. That apart, the City also has many pleasant things to offer. I never felt like I was far away from my place. The people here are really cooperative and nice to outsiders. And they don’t differentiate between locals and outsiders at all. Moreover, I cannot forget Commercial Street, M G Road, some of the malls and multiplexes where I had loads of fun with my friends,” he says.

Right now, they are all busy shopping for their family and throwing and attending parties all over the City. “I have purchased a Mysore Silk sari for my mother and Channapattana toys for my nephew. I don’t know when I will be coming back to the City again so I have been giving parties to my friends out here. I also visited some of their houses and met their parents. I am carrying many gifts from them and have also taken many pictures with them. I am taking a whole lot of memories back home,” says Madhumati from Assam, a PES student.

Rohit, an electronics and communications student at BNMIT, is also from Assam. He has already secured a job in one of the leading IT companies which also has a branch in Kolkata, nearby his native place. But Rohit has filled the preferred location column in the offer letter as Bangalore. “I am glad for spending the most valuable time of my life in one of the best campuses. We had a lot of fun during these four years. We went for outings, trekking with friends, took part in many academic as well as extra-curricular activities.

Even outside the campus, we made many good friends. I stay in a rented house and am going to miss my neighbours who helped me a lot and took very good care of me. I hope to stay back but if at all I have to leave the City, I will never forget the days I spent here,” says Rohit.

The ones at loss are the juniors who shared a good bonding with their seniors. “I come from Bengal and befriended many of the seniors, who were from my place. When you are staying away from home, you feel better when you meet people from your region and culture. Whenever I missed home, I would meet these friends up. Now since they are going back, I feel a little sad,” says Shyamsunder Soni, a student of PES College.