Kate has nightmare of being naked at her wedding

Kate has nightmare of being naked at her wedding

Kate's sister 27-year-old Pippa, who is to be the maid of honour Friday, is in fits of hysterics, The Sun reported.

The 29-year-old has confessed to imagining herself in the buff as the world watches her tie the knot with Prince William.

Kate had suffered a similar anxiety-related dream in 2006 when she was about to start a new job at a clothing chain.

"Kate has the last-minute jitters and just wants the day to arrive. It's hardly surprising considering the stage she is going to be on - with the eyes of the world on her," a royal source was quoted as saying.

"But her nerves have manifested in an interesting way. A recurring dream she hadn't had for years has raised its head again."

In her nightmare, Kate finds herself nude in front of the congregation and then becomes suddenly aware she is stark naked.

The source said: "There is a deathly silence - and everyone from the Queen to Prince Philip is staring at her... Kate has joked the worst bit is she can't work out which parts to cover."