Your favourite flowers and fruits in rhymes and riddles

Your favourite flowers and fruits in rhymes and riddles

Thus does Captain Von Trapp, in the film, The Sound of   Music, celebrate in song the national flower of his beloved Austria. Except for ‘small’, this description could just as aptly fit the lily, a flower traditionally associated with Easter because of its shining purity, even as the flaming red poinsettia is characteristic of Christmas.

Other flowers, widely used in festive decorations during the season of rebirth and renewal, are tulips, daffodils and azaleas.

Nor must we forget the Iris that takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow, on account of the various colours that adorn its many species.

Only two of the flowers mentioned so far feature in the puzzle that follows, but each of those that plays a part not only possesses its own distinctive charm and beauty, but — in several cases — has symbolic significance as well.

Before you tackle this floral word game let us take some examples from the realm of fruits: ‘I saw a man go in the direction of your house’. The fruit is ‘mango’, hidden in the fourth and fifth words of the sentence.

Here is another simple one: ‘She gave a cap each to the children present’. The answer is ‘peach’, once again in the fourth and fifth words.

The seventh and eighth words contain ‘apple’ in ‘See that you turn off the tap please’, while you can easily spot orange in the fifth and sixth words of ‘He feels neither malice nor anger towards you’.

One last example, this time with the fruit concealed in three words instead of two: ‘Will she forgive me if I give her back her money?’ Here, ‘fig’ is found in the fifth, sixth and seventh.

Now you are ready to find flowers. Unearth one in each of these sentences. A flower could be hidden in two words or three.

1. The fruit was so bitter that the taste remains in my mouth.
2. I risked a great deal for his sake but he proved ungrateful.
3. Once settled in my porch I dare anyone to disturb me.
4. Although it can drive people insane, money is not always a bad thing.
5. The pilot used all the skills he possessed to land the plane safely.
6. I shall join you in a minute if you wait until I lace my boots.
7. The tape on your shelf has been there for ages.
8. A true hero seldom talks about his glorious deeds.
9. Those pans you bought at the sale are of no use at all.
10. The politician sat on the dais, yawning through the long boring speeches.
11. When I am in my garden I am at peace with the world.
12. She listened to the ghazal eagerly for she loved poetry and music.

Answers: 1. Aster 2. Iris 3. Orchid 4. Anemone 5. Lotus 6. Lilac 7. Peony 8. Rose 9. Pansy 10. Daisy 11. Gardenia 12. Azalea.