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‘I’ve had a good journey’

PRETTY Yagna in 'Love Junction'.Mostly seen in de-glamourous roles, actress Yagna Shetty says that there has never been a time when she missed being the ‘glam’ quotient in her movies. Her portrayal of a distressed housewife in Eddellu Manjunatha was appreciated by both critics and masses and now, she will be seen as a simple traditional girl in ‘Love Junction’ and a middle-class housewife in Panchamrutha. Ask Yagna if she is getting typecast in de-glam roles and she says, “It’s not about a particular role but how challenging it is that matters to me the most. People have liked me in these roles so far and I am happy about that.”

Talking about her role in ‘Love Junction’, Yagna says she had to bank a lot on her expressions. “This movie is a fun romantic comedy where I play an NRI girl with strong Indian values. I found the character extremely expressive because more than the dialogues, I had to send the message across through my expressions,” says Yagna.

It was the message of the film that attracted Yagna to this role. “There is a perception that a woman is always the root of all problems when it comes to love. In this film, there comes a point when the hero realises that a woman can never be a hurdle,” she adds.

In Panchamrutha, Yagna will be seen playing a middle-class housewife to Srinagara Kitty. “From day one, this film has been different. The six short stories put together in the movie is something unique and I was glad to be a part of it. The role reminds me a lot of my role in Eddellu Manjunatha,” says Yagna who will soon start shooting for Mathura Nagari.

While most of her contemporaries have been experimenting with movies of other languages, Yagna says she is happy in the Kannada film industry. “I have no prejudice against languages. So far I have had a good journey in this industry but if an interesting project does come along, I may take it up,” she signs off.

Megha Shenoy

From real to reel

The news of Raghu losing his eyesight during a fight with the relatives of Anusha, his lover, was almost like a film plot waiting to happen.

S Narayan didn’t lose any time and within a week of the incident, announced that he was going to bring Raghu’s story on reel.

Calling it Nenapideya O Gelathi, the director is launching the film under his banner.
“After hearing about Raghu’s case, I felt that it was a story that would send a strong message to the society. I met him in the hospital and even spoke to him and have gotten a verbal consent from him to go ahead with the film,” says S Narayan.

As of now, Narayan has casted his son Pankaj to play the role of the injured lover and says that he will be adding some more elements to make it a commercial feature film. 

Soon the director-cum-producer will be wrapping up his youth-based film, Dhusta, which also stars Pankaj and a bunch of new actors.

“Soon after completing Dhusta, we will officially start shooting for Nenapideya O Gelathi,”
he states.   

For the classes and masses

TOGETHER Ramya and Vijay. Director Preetham Gubbi has tried to give Duniya Vijay a different look in Johnny Mera Naam, Preethi Mera Kaam. His angry young man on screen image has been transformed into a romantic one in this movie. Preetham also managed to convince the producer to erect a set, estimated to cost Rs 70 lakh, at the foothills of Chamundi Hills in Mysore. 

Most of the shooting has taken place on the set, that is complete with shopping malls, village scenes and plush bungalows, market scenes and also parks. “I managed to convince the producer that we could put up a set in a two acre space in Mysore. This way, we can save on time and don’t have to scout for different locations. We can shoot anywhere we want, at any time without any restrictions,” Preetham tells Metrolife. 

The story is scripted around a colony, named ‘Gandhi Colony’, which houses both middle class and upper middle class houses. Vijay, who plays the lead opposite Ramya, runs a social service unit in the colony. “He dedicates his time to helping people, expecting nothing in return. The film offers something  for both the classes and masses. Vijay is a mass hero and most of the roles he has done so far have a mass appeal. Here, Vijay is a
man who attempts to love and help as many people as he can,” says Preetham.

Preetham explains that he has given Vijay a complete makeover in terms of his looks and his body language. This is the first time he is acting with Ramya who plays a rich foreign-returned NRI girl who flaunts her wealth and sports an attitude. “The story is also about how Ramya adjusts to the colony. It’s the communication between Ramya and Vijay that the audience will enjoy. They speak in a whole new language, half Kannada and English. Communication between them becomes a challenge,” adds Preetham.  

The songs have been shot with a Phantom camera and one of the songs has been shot underwater. “The set is a new concept in the Kannada film industry. We’ve experimented shooting underwater,” he says. Talking about her role, Ramya says, “Everyday was a party on the sets. I play an independent, working NRI girl who has class and attitude but ends up falling in love with an ordinary guy.”

Yograj Bhat and Jayant Kaikini have both written the songs that are sung by Harikrishna and Sonu Nigam. Rangayana Raghu will make a special appearance. The movie will release in the last week of May.

Nina C George

A different voice

Known for her ‘bad girl voice’, Usha Uthup will be singing and appearing in a song for the Kannada movie Pari. After completing two days of shoot in Bellary, director Sudhir says that the entire team was glad to get Usha on board for the song.

“She is such an energetic person on and off the sets. We really required her voice for this particular song and felt it was apt to feature her,” says Sudhir.

Called Rangeela Rathri Rooba Rooba, the song has been penned by Sudhir,
composed by Veer Sampath and choreographed by Arvind.

“It’s a seven minute long song and comes at the launch of a new liquor brand by the heroine’s father. We have taken inspiration from the old hit Kannada cabaret numbers and put them together for this song. We are hoping this will be a treat for all Usha Uthup fans,” he says.

The film is a love story with liquor mafia in the backdrop. Starring Nagkiran, Rakesh and Harshika Poonachcha, Pari showcases the different sides of liquor mafia.

“In the film, we have tried to show the kind of mafia that exists in the lower level bars and also the high end brands,” says Sudhir.