Air India cancels 33 flights from Mumbai

Air India cancels 33 flights from Mumbai

These included 14 arrivals from all over India to Mumbai and 20 outgoing flights to various destinations since midnight, the sources said.

However, as per a contingency plan, Air India managed to operate four flights - two to New Delhi and one each to Hyderabad and Nagpur.

At present, the airline is operating flights as per its contingency schedule given the limited number of pilots available.

On the second day of the strike Thursday, Air India had curtailed its regular operations by 18 percent - 45 flights - from its normal daily schedule of 320.

In a bid to salvage their holiday plans, desperate passengers made a beeline to cancel their tickets and book on other private airlines flights after paying premium prices.

In some cases, the passengers were compelled to shell out nearly double the existing fares to various destinations.