Legally aware more corrupt: Lokayukta

Legally aware more corrupt: Lokayukta

 He was speaking after inaugurating inter-college debate competition at PES College of Law in Mandya on Friday. “Lessons on culture, morality and decency need to begin right from home,” he said.

There was a time when corruption up to few lakh would send people into shock, but today, corruption has crossed those limits and more zeroes are being added to those crore. “Yet, we perceive it as normal,” he said. Elaborating on the topic ‘can legal awareness uproot corruption?’ which was being given as the topic for the students to elaborate upon, Hegde said it is those who know how to bend the rules, who indulge more in corruption.

Greed is feeding into corruption. It can be brought under control only when people start living within their means, which is being acquired legally and in right manner. “Just creating legal awareness will not help. The mindset needs to change so that people start rejecting the corrupt ones. This can certainly control the menace,” he said.

No proper discussion in parliament on 2G spectrum, state government stooping to its depths while proving majority will go down in history raising questions if this is the culture we have acquired.

PET Chairman Chowdaiah,  Panchalingu and Principal Krishnappa were present.