UK teen girls biggest binge drinkers, says report

UK teen girls biggest binge drinkers, says report

 UK’s half of 15-year-old girls have been drunk at least twice, a report by Demos, a think tank based London said adding, that the figure is almost double the average in other wealthy countries.

According to the report, girls in UK are now more likely than boys to have been binge-drinking at least once in the last month, ‘The Sun’ reported.

One third of teenage girls said they have been “intoxicated” in that period - second only to Denmark in Europe.

A shocking 11 per cent admitted they had sex later and regretted while drunk. A quarter were injured or suffered an accident while sozzled.

Twenty-seven per cent of girls aged between 16 to 24 had gone binge-drinking in the last week, against just 17 per cent in 1998.

The report, using figures from a host of studies, showed one third of girls aged 11 to 21 had drunk so much they’d “lost control” or been sick.

Just over half said they drank because of stress or to “forget their worries”.
“Across Europe, Britain has one of the worst problems with binge-drinking by teens - and girls here are drinking more than boys, Demos deputy director Julia Margo said.