Paralysed Chinese gymnast seeks $1.8 bn compensation

Paralysed Chinese gymnast seeks $1.8 bn compensation

In her lawsuit against Time Warner Inc. and the US Gymnastics Federation -- organisers of the 1998 Goodwill Games held in New York -- Sang Lan, 29, attributed her paralysis to employee's negligence and demanded a $1.8 billion compensation, Xinhua reported Saturday.

Sang claimed that an employee tried to remove a mat from where she was about to land after an exercise on the vaulting horse. Sang fell and hit her head on the floor, leading to permanent disability for her chest down and the immobility of her two arms and hands.

Sang's lawyer Hai Ming has blamed the defendants for breaking their promise to take care of Sang.

"Sang Lan has been in a wheelchair for the past 13 years, with no compensatory damages nor proper medical care coverage for her from the injury. She lives on a salary of 1600 RMB a month," said Hai Friday in an interview with Xinhua.

"She was injured and paralyzed from chest down in 1998 Goodwill Games in New York, as a member of the Chinese gymnastics team. Defendants have evaded liabilities and responsibilities for her."