An unconventional voice

An unconventional voice

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Rustic: Kailash Kher

Known for his unique voice and his soulful Sufi ballads, Kailash has made a name for himself in the industry. Speaking to Sunday Herald, he reminisces about his journey from Meerut to Mumbai. “Although I was born in Meerut, I was brought up in Delhi. I never imagined that I would become a celebrity. In fact, it feels like a miracle,” he says. In fact, while speaking to Kailash, you cannot but help notice that he alludes to God almost in all his answers, indicating a deep rooted sense of spirituality.

The best part of the conversation is that he instantly puts you at ease and is unaffected by his fame.

Earthy and rustic, Kailash does not have a conventional voice. Yet it is this very quality that has made him carve a niche for himself in the music industry. “If you are sincere to yourself and your art form, you will be appreciated and revered by all. I started my career in 2001 but I garnered success only after I sung Allah ke bande in 2003. I believe that all artists and musicians have a special place in god’s heart,” he smiles. A question that is often thrown at him is whether his unconventional voice acts as a deterrent to sing the typical Bollywood numbers. “I was listening to legendary singer Louis Armstrong’s song What a wonderful world and I noticed his voice was quite cracked. In fact, I believe that my voice is my trump card,” he says.

In an industry that is undergoing rapid transformation, little wonder that Kailash was chosen to sing the title track from the hit film Love Sex Aur Dhoka. He says, “Yes, certainly since the time I started till today, there has been a huge change in the music industry. It is opening up to more singers, welcoming new ideas and sound. Also, today, composers are experimenting and are making use of different renditions, which is reflected through the quality of songs we hear today.”

Kailash is a prolific singer who has lent his voice not only to several Bollywood numbers but also does a lot of playback singing in the Kannada film industry, apart from other languages. Kailash is also the lead singer of the popular band, Kailasa, and is currently working on their next album. “We are working on our fourth album. Currently, we are working on the tracks and if all goes well, the album should be out in the next couple of months,” he shares.

With today’s audience exposed to world music more than ever before, concerts and shows are a part of a singer’s life and often, there is a need to strike a balance between stage shows and playback singing. Commenting on whether doing concerts and stage shows or singing for the movies is more gratifying, Kailash says, “Actually both, as they actually complement each other. It’s because of the popularity of music in movies that we get to showcase the same on stage shows where the personal connect is just great,” he says. Interestingly, he is also the voice behind hit songs in Kannada including Ondu Maamara from Naanu Nanna Kanasu, Hale Paatre Hale Kabana from Junglee and O Nanna Olave from Parichaya among others. Also in the offing are many more songs in Kannada. “I have sung quite a few songs in Kannada and enjoy it. Recently, I have recorded with music directors Harikrishna, Sadhu Kokila and Hamsalekha for their upcoming movies,” he adds.

This man is truly a bundle of talent wrapped in humility.