'MPs from coastal areas to meet in Delhi soon'

'MPs from coastal areas to meet in Delhi soon'

Addressing the valedictory address at the National Fishermen Conference (West Coast) organised by BJP’s National Fishermen’s Cell on Saturday, Opposition Leader in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said that there are several issues pertaining to the fishing community in the country, which do not get representation at the centre. There is a need to bring these problems to the notice of the policy makers, she said adding that the meeting, though to be convened by BJP, will be apolitical in nature as MPs from other parties too will be invited to take part and discuss about the problems of fishermen. “We need to rise above politics and political differences in this issue,” she said.

Revive JWC

Revealing a startling fact that over 500 fishermen from Tamilnadu have become victims to brutality of Srilankan navy over the last 20 years and the fact that as many as 267 fishermen are in custody of Pakistan, Swaraj said that recently when four fishermen were killed by Srilankan Navy, right after the world cup, she had taken up the issue with External Affairs Minister S M Krishna.

She said that during the discussion, Krishna had said that though they had formed a Joint Working Committee with representatives of India and Sri Lanka in it to sort out issues, the JWC had not met since 6 years.

Swaraj said that there is a need to revive the JWC, make them meet frequently and constitute a similar JWC with Pakistan too.