Straight from the oven

Straight from the oven


Straight from the oven

Fresh: A variety of baked breads.

This is exactly what you feel when you enter ‘Dolci’, a dessert shop on Asker Ali Road.
The smell of fresh pastries greet you the moment you enter the shop, run by Shipra Kumar, whose love for cooking was what prompted her to start the place. “‘Dolci’ means desserts in Italian and my son helped me choose the name,” she says.

Inside the small but elegantly decorated shop, is a black board, listing the items on the menu which includes cakes and gateaux which are provided only on order. “We can keep a cake ready in two hours unless it is something elaborate like a six-layer cake,” informs Shipra. The items on display include ‘florentines’, ‘truffle’, ‘burnt lemon tart’, ‘mango tart’, ‘choco prune tart’, ‘strawberry meringue’, ‘choco meringue cake’, ‘blueberry cheese cake’, ‘brownie’, ‘apple pie’, ‘profiteroles’, ‘six layer cake’, ‘eclair’ and ‘mud cake’. Unlike most places, the cheese cake in ‘Dolci’ is baked and not chilled. “It is something that some people like very much but if you don’t have a taste for it, then you won’t like it,” says Shipra.

The ‘brownie ‘is a favourite among the customers and has a strong chocolatey flavour. Shipra says that people prefer sweeter dishes to the slightly bitter ones. For those who prefer the plain cream desserts, the ‘profiteroles’ are just right. These little chocolate covered pastries are delicious and just the right thing if you are in a mood of something light. The newly introduced ‘Oreo cheese cake’, is a must try and so are the tarts. “The tarts depend on the season, so right now we have the mango tart on display,” says Shipra. 

Another highlight of the place is the freshly baked breads. It sells plain ‘sandwich breads’, ‘multigrain bread’, ‘focaccias’, ‘sundried focaccia’, ‘panini’ and ‘rye bread’. The dips like ‘sour cream’, ‘sundried tomato’, ‘pesto mayonnaise’ are also available on order and so are the bread baskets.

For people who don’t have a sweet tooth there are savouries like ‘spinach corn puff’, ‘sundried tomato puff’, ‘mushroom puff’, ‘mixed veg puff’, ‘cheese’ and ‘plain croissants’.

Another must have is the ‘spiced cappuccino’ which has a pinch of ginger and cinnamon. It is a perfect match with a mud cake or an apple pie.

It’s the freshness of most of the items at ‘Dolci’ that catches your attention.