'My mommy is the best'

'My mommy is the best'

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'My mommy is the best'

Priyanka Upendra

“I make sure that I meet and talk to my mother and mother-in-law on a regular basis. This year however, I will be going to my mother’s house in Kolkata to spend the Mother’s Day with her. There are so many things that my mother has taught me and I would love to pass those to my children. One thing that has stuck with me all these years is to be true to myself and stress on education.”

Bonding: Ramya Bharna with mother Meera.Ramya Bharna

“My mother has always been my pillar of strength and she is one person I look up to in the time of crisis. She always remains positive and cheerful and advises me not to be disheartened as there is a solution for everything.

Generally, on Mother’s Day, my father and I cook a meal for her or we all head out for a family outing.

This year, I really want to make her feel super special so I’ve planned to take her out for shopping.”

Srinagar Kitty

“My mother is the strongest woman I have known. She has borne 10 children and I am the youngest. I have seen her handle all of us and give each one of us equal love.
Seeing her I understood what sacrifice means for a mother. That’s why on Mother’s Day I want to salute every mother for their strength and love.”


“Every time I go for shooting, my mother accompanies me and I see her sitting all alone watching the shoot and looking after me so well. That’s why I make sure everyday I chip in with household work and make her feel special and treat everyday as a Mother’s Day.”

Nidhi Subbaiah

“I am very close to my family, especially my mother. I have always admired her strength.
What many people don’t know about my mother is that she is a lovely singer and an amazing guitarist. When I was a kid, she would always play and sing for me and I wanted to be like her. Though we never celebrated Mother’s Day, I used to give her little
handmade cards as a kid, but now I can hardly find time to make any. This year, I have planned a special gift for her.”

As told to Megha Shenoy