Woody & warm

Boss Orange Man, the new fragrance from Boss, is a blend of crisp apple, warm frankincense, vanilla and bulbing wood. The face of the fragrance campaign is the Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom. The perfume is available across leading lifestyle stores in India at Rs 3,800 for 100ml and Rs 2,900 for 60ml.

Snack attack

Perfetti Van Melle India, with brands like Alpenliebe, Center Fresh, Mentos and Happydent, has launched a salty snack called  ‘Stop Not’. ‘Stop Not’ is available in two formats: ‘Stop Not Fofos’ and ‘Stop Not Golz’. ‘Fofos’ is a non-fried product and is available in ‘Happy Tomato’ and ‘Mad Masala’ flavours. ‘Golz’, on the other hand, is a crunchy, fried ring available in ‘Peppy Tomato’ and ‘Full Masala’ flavours. The products are priced at Rs 5 and Rs 10.

Mother’s Day offer

On Mother’s Day, Mother Earth offers a discount on clothes, accessories and jewellery.

Up for grabs are chunky wooden bead accessories from Rs 175 onwards, gladiator sandals from Rs 795 onwards, t-shirts at Rs 395 onwards, art silver handcrafted jewellery from Rs150 onwards, and a dyed block print mulmul fashion collection at Rs 495 onwards.

‘I love you, Rasna’

Rasna, the soft-drink concentrate maker, hopes to establish itself in the health segment with the launch of ‘Rasna Glucose-D’. Three different flavours — Regular, Orange and Lemon — will form the portfolio of Rasna Glucose-D.  

Deo for divas

Nivea India brings ‘Whitening’, a deodorant for women. It promises to repair underarm skin darkening, leaving skin even-toned. It has a 48-hour efficacy with long-lasting fragrance. The deo has astringent properties that help to close small wounds and ease itching post repair. Nivea Whitening is available as an aerosol spray (150ml) for Rs179 and as a roll-on (50ml) for Rs 165.