King of fruits back again

King of fruits back again

The King of fruits, Mango, which has always been the most sought out fruit in the list of ‘seasonal’ fruits, is in demand like usual.

The mango lovers who were not so satisfied with the fruit which had arrived at the market till the last week of April, can check out for the mouth watering varieties of fruits now, as almost all varieties of mangoes have reached the market. The 2011 summer being the ‘On Year’ season wherein mango yield is higher compared to the last summer, the fruit has arrived at sufficient quantity to the market.

Speaking to City Herald, sources from Dakshina Kannada District Horticultural Producers’ Co-operative Marketing and Processing Society Ltd (HOPCOMS) informed that though the quality of mangoes was excellent till mid April, the quality has now come down a little due to the rainfall. “The price of the mangoes here ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 60.

If Badami, Mundappa, Banganpalli cost Rs 30, Mallika is the costliest of all with Rs 60 per kg. Mallika is just arriving to the market and the rate would go down drastically in another 15 days. Compared to last year, the mango rate is mostly cheaper this year as the yield is more. We, at HOPCOMS buy mangoes from Bangalore and North Karnataka, and with the rain lashing those places there has been a fall in the quality,” he says.

A mango wholesale agent Abdul Razak in Central Market, who also owns a retail shop informed that there has been a good demand for mangoes in the last few days.

“Everyday I buy nearly 400 baskets full of mangoes from the local growers in the early morning auction and the fruit will be sold out to the retail shop keepers here. As I myself own a retail shop, I have been observing the demand for the mangoes. At the end of the day, all the baskets in my shop will be empty and that says it all,” he informed.

If HOPCOMS is still waiting for Kalappadi, Mallika, Aplphonso to reach the market, the local retailers are waiting for quality Neelam to arrive at the market. However, both agree that the highest demand among all the varieties is for Badam, as the variety is tastier as well as affordable.