Plea to allow sand transportation

Plea to allow sand transportation

The team met the Tahsildar and informed him about the problems faced by the public in constructing the buildings due to lack of sand supply.

“With the arrival of the rainy season, the construction works need to be stopped and more over it would not be possible to remove sand from the river during the rain. Thus we request the administration to loosen the rules for sand transportation,” said Jeevijaya.

Responding to their request, Devaraj assured them of solving their problems within two days and also guaranteed of discussing the issue with the Deputy Commissioner.

In the meantime, the public also drew the attention of the Tahsildar towards problems pertaining to Suvarna Bhoomi project. With the State government inviting application forms from the farmers to avail benefits under Suvarna Bhoomi project, the officers concerned in the department asked the applicants to bring RTC reccord along with the other documents.

The public are put into trouble as they are not provided with RTC as and when needed.  The Tahsildar without any delay instructed the officers not to demand for RTC while the farmers submit the application forms.

He directed the officers to collect the necessary documents from the eligible farmers once they are selected under the scheme.