Friendship always matters

Long live friendship. Hudugru brings together a mouth-watering combination of stars and actors to celebrate the theme.  Three friends set out to unite another friend with the love of his life and find their lives turned upside down. Trying to pick up their shattered lives they set out to do another must-do task: teach the lovebirds a lesson.

Till the Shiva Shambho song, the film seems to be deliberately laidback. From then on, the film gathers momentum. The climax may, however, leave many disappointed, specially after a smash hit like Jackie.

Puneet is the Big Bro, shepherding the cast well. Kitti’s role is cute. The rest of them - Radhika Pandit, Abhinaya, Vanitha Vasu, Srinivas Prabhu, Sudha Belawadi, Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila all chip in.

But the film clearly belongs to Yogesh. Namma Loose Mada takes to Sidda like fish to water, getting the maximum seetis and chappales - the dialogue writers seem to have reserved their best only for Yogesh. Harsh facts of life are laced with gentle humour.

Satya Hegde’s camera provides correct support while Harikrishna has not tried anything new - melody sometimes gives way to background noise.

Overall, the ‘feel’ is missing in Hudugru, as Madesh tries to make up for lost time and speeds up the second half; however, the same ‘feel’ peeps in scenes between Puneet and Radhika (before he leaves town), Kitti and Abhinaya and between Srinivas Prabhu and Puneet in the car and in the courtyard.

At the same time, Puneet’s shock doesn’t register during the hospital scenes. Ravivarma, Imran Sardaria and Shefali Zariwala try to impress with their work. As this is Puneet’s home production, vulgarity is kept at bay - the ‘item song’ is presented well.

Hudugru is a chak-a-chak movie offering entertainment with a message. Whether these hudugru manage to impress friends and lovers remains to be seen.