'Minister's assurance compelled loadshedding'

'Minister's assurance compelled loadshedding'

Both the industries associations have filed the petition before Karnataka Energy Regulation Commission (KERC). The demand for impleading has stemmed from a letter purportedly written by the Bescom.

“Following the assurance by the government to the students that there will be no power cut to facilitate students during examinations, the Bescom will supply round the clock power to domestic consumers, but meet the demand by reducing the supply to industrial and commercial users,” the undated letter says.

During the hearing on Thursday, citing the letter, Sridhar Prabhu, the counsel for FKCCI argued that the Bescom has attributed its decision to the assurance given by the chief minister and energy minister.

“The assurance has been treated as a licence for loadshedding,” he contended. Referring to Bescom directive to go for voluntary reduction in power consumption, the counsel alleged that the Bescom has threatened to disconnect the entire industrial load.

He claimed that no distribution licencee can threaten with disconnection as it amounts to denigrating the authority of the KERC.

Power utilities

Counsel for Raghavendra submitted that while the power utilities had said there would be no loadshedding if the industries failed to do it voluntarily, the Bescom acted in contrary by resorting to power cuts.  Bescom law officer in his submission admitted that the letter was from the managing director of the Bescom, and energy minister’s assurance to domestic consumers compelled it to curtail the industrial load.
The Commission sought details of the loadshedding and adjourned the matter.