Septuagenarian moves court for reunion with wife

Septuagenarian moves court for reunion with wife

In the movie, the couple had Salman Khan, who offered them the mental support they required. However, Septuagenarian Shivpal Singh, a retired government employee, was not so fortunate.

At an age when Shivpal needed the company of his wife Ram Rati the most, they have been separated by their two sons because none wants to keep both parents as it would be “too much of a burden” to them. Incidently, 70-year-old Ram Rati was also a government employee.

The result is that Shivpal and Ram Rati have been living separately for the past 13 years. “The separation started soon after my retirement...our sons were not ready to keep both of us together,” says Shivpal.

“We have been married for over 50 years...during our young age we did not get the opportunity to spend time together as I was posted in different places,” he said, adding that he had thought that they would be able to live together after their retirement but even that did not happen.

Failed attempt

“I tried my best to persuade my sons to allow us to live together but they did not relent...even after our retirement we have been living separately,” Shivpal said.
When all his attempts to unite with his wife failed, Shivpal approached the family court. “In this old age I need my wife for mental support,” he has said in his application moved in the court. The court has issued a notice to the son seeking his reply.