Korlakunte tank falling prey to sewer, weeds

Korlakunte tank falling prey to sewer, weeds

The Korlakunte tank on Kodikonda Road in Bagepalli has become a drainage pit. DH photo

The tank spreads over an area of 74 acres in the town. The chief canal, Rajakaluve, constructed during the British era, is connected to the tank. The canal, filled with sewage rather than water, brings in more filth. The tank receives drainage and garbage from all around the town. Mud and stones from roads under repair and some dilapidated houses nearby are also dumped. A stone-breaking quarry near the tank dumps chips from stones.

Many years ago, Korlakunte tank was an important source of water to the region. Now, however, all the water has dried up due to lack of desilting.

The area near the tank has illegal houses mushrooming rapidly. In addition, it has become a popular spot for mining and brick kilns. The tank area is under the administration of the Small Irrigation and Revenue Department. Neither the Department nor the TMC has bothered to maintain the tank.

Resident Nagabhushan said, the tank is the only place in town that could be converted into a popular location and suggested that rain water and water from the Chitravathi River, flowing through the canal could be utilised by putting up a fountain in the tank area.