Travellers' bungalow, now a 'rallying point'

Travellers' bungalow, now a 'rallying point'

FREE FOR ALL?: Work on installation of gates to the huge compound of the travellers’ bungalow in progress in Kolar. DH Photo

The travellers’ bungalow in the City is turning out to be a convenient location for public rallies.

The Public Works Department has recently taken up renovation of the building with history of over a century. The work on developing the park in front of the bungalow has begun and a Bangalore-based company has been given the task of creating greenery and a lawn.

The project began in the first week of April. A walking path is also being laid. The company will maintain the park for three months and later hand it over to the Department. The work on renovation of the building too has begun simultaneously. New gates are being installed for the whole premises.

Amid the ongoing beautification efforts, the bungalow premises is gradually turning out to be a ‘rallying point’ for public rallies. A nearby prestigious private school has been using the premises for physical education classes. And students hearing classes under the tree shade there is a common scene. A few days ago, hundreds of JD(S) workers gathered at the bungalow for a rally against the State government. Hundreds of plastic covers (sachets of drinking water) were strewn on the newly-laid out lawn. There are also complaints that the rooms in the Travellers’ Bungalow meant for limited category of people - officers and ministers - are being unauthorisedly let out to private persons too, under pressure from ‘influential' persons.  

The district administration and the Public Works Department need to immediately curtail the public activities on the premises of the bungalow. Taxpayers’ money being spent on beautification efforts may go down the drains in the absence of any strict action.