Eat right, exercise, sleep well - models' fitness mantra

Eat right, exercise, sleep well - models' fitness mantra

According to model Amanpreet Wahi, the golden rule is not to sit after eating a meal and avoid carbohydrates like rice and wheat for dinner.

“One should eat salads, grilled vegetables or chicken, soups during dinner and make sure that you don’t sleep immediately after eating anything. Your body needs some time to digest whatever you have eaten. So understand your body and listen to it,” Wahi said.

Model Laxmi Rana agrees and says that if you are aiming to achieve a flat stomach, just don’t eat carbohydrates after 7.30 p.m.

“This mantra has done wonders to my body. You should not skip dinner completely but just avoid eating heavy meals after 7.30 p.m. Apart from this, one should take proper care of body and soul as well,” she said.

Besides eating sensibly, one should also do some regular exercise, meditate or play a game regularly to burn those extra calories.

Fashion designer and couturier Ritu Kumar has lost almost 12 kg in the past few months and her secret to a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise and diet control.

“I had put on some weight due to biological changes in my body but one day I just said to myself that enough is enough and I should wear my exercise shoes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Today I make sure I don’t miss my workout and eat a healthy diet of fruits, whole wheat chapatis, oatmeals and porridge,” said the 65-year-old designer.

“I do cheat on my diet, but it happens only when I am travelling because that time you can’t be finicky about food. So the basic mantra is to keep it simple and healthy,” she added.

Her contemporary Leena Singh of designer duo Ashima-Leena is very fit. She swears by vegetarianism and does not mind calling herself a 'fitness freak.

“I have been a strict vegetarian since childhood and I don’t even eat eggs. I go for a jog every day and meditate, but I don’t believe in gyms. Also, one should eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables,” Singh said.

Singh also believes that a healthy mind results in a healthy body so if you are happy from within, the same happiness will show on your face.

“Fitness is not just about exercise or diet control. It is also about your body and soul. One should not drink, smoke or take drugs. One should always think positive; only then can one do positive things in life,” she added.

Emcee Geetika Ganju can’t live without her nine hours of sleep and says that the body demands proper rest to recuperate and hence getting proper sleep is her mantra for fitness.

“The body also needs rest. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, then make sure that you give your body proper rest so that you don’t feel sleepy and lethargic all day. To avoid those puffy eyes, just sleep well,” Ganju said.

Known for her flawless skin and perfect curves, Riddhima Kapoor says that everyone should make exercise as a part of the daily routine to feel good and live a healthy life.

“The way you brush your teeth every day, you should also make it a point to exercise every day. This gives you the liberty to eat everything but that should be healthy. Don’t deprive yourself of anything but make sure that you don't overeat,” said Riddhima, daughter of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor.

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