Mother's choice crucial for selecting life-partner: Survey

Mother's choice crucial for selecting life-partner: Survey

Mother's choice crucial for selecting life-partner: Survey, the world's largest matrimonial service, conducted a poll ahead of Mothers' Day to reflect the opinion of the mothers while selecting the match for their children.

The survey revealed that 67 per cent mothers felt that their opinion is very important while selecting a spouse for their children, followed by 30 per cent mothers who believe their opinion is fairly important and 3 per cent who feel their opinion doesn't matter.

The survey was conducted among 25,000 mothers; 55 per cent participants were mothers of female members of while the rest 45 per cent were mothers of male members.

With the change in time, mothers have realised that the requisite for marriage is to encourage their children to be well acquainted with the future partner, it said.
This is unlike the earlier times where a couple of meetings by the parents were sufficient to get their children married.

The survey reflected that mothers are more open to the idea of their children getting to know their partner before marriage.

Out of the total survey takers, 84 per cent mothers feel it is extremely important to let their children know their partner well before marriage, 14 per cent feel it is somewhat important and only 2 per cent feel it is not important at all.

Given the load of running a household and the prominence of joint family in India, 66 per cent mothers would not want their child to get married in a family which has a single child as compared to 34 per cent who wouldn't mind it.

Although the trend of nuclear families is on a rise, the traditional Indian joint family system is still preferred as it provides security and comfort.

"Although times are changing, the results reflect that the care and concern of mothers for choosing a match for their child hasn't changed much and their opinion still plays a crucial role," said Gourav Rakshit, business head of