'I am content with music for now'

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'I am content with music for now'

entertaining Anushka Manchanda“Being on stage comes naturally to me than anything else. A singer doesn’t have to be a good performer, but if he or she is getting on the stage, being a performer can take one’s music to subliminal levels,” she says.

Anushka, who has just sung the title song of Dum Maro Dum filmed on Deepika Padukone, dubs her experience as a blast. “It wasn’t one of those songs where you land up at the studio, sing the song, and leave. I went to the studio and sat with the music directors, ate some good food and worked on what was required from me.

We experimented with different vocal textures and ways that I could render the parts,” she says.

The last time when Anushka sang and Deepika acted was in a Kannada film Aishwarya. Anushka insists that she has to be comfortable with whatever she’s working on.
The music too must fit her mood. “Good music either has great writing, amazing melody, beautiful voices, pumping beats, or all of it together. If it makes you feel good, it’s good music,” she avers.  

Now having sung in almost all the languages, would Anushka contemplate singing for a Hollywood movie? “I’ve sung in English during my teens. I have an electro rock band and our material is all in English, so it wouldn't be hard at all,” she says and adds that as a musician she would never like to put any full stops.

“I’d love to sing in different languages. That way I will be reaching out and entertaining so many more people.”

Talking about international collaborations, Anushka says, “It gives a different perspective on music and opens up to so much more.” She feels one could learn from other artistes and the experience would be priceless.

While the music scene looks really good for her, has she ever contemplated acting? Anushka says that she finds acting as an extention of being a performer.

She has been offered a couple of roles and has done a lot of theatre in her younger days. “I never want to limit myself, and if something fun comes my way, I’ll do it. It’s important for me to work with people of the same wavelength,” she adds.

She also finds that things have begun to change in Bollywood as far as the music is concerned, “There are more singers now and music directors are experimenting with sound and therefore Hindi filmi music has become hip,” she says and adds, “The ‘Indie’ scene in the country is great.”


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