I believe in walking off the beaten track: Arunoday Singh

I believe in walking off the beaten track: Arunoday Singh

Arunoday Singh in 'Sikandar'

Arunoday who describes himself as 'unconventional' had long decided that politics is not his cup of tea and took up acting much to the amusement of his family.

"I have no interest in politics. My family is supportive and amused as well. But I am an unconventional guy and that sort of shows in my choice of debut. And I would have chosen 'Sikandar' over a lead in a masala movie any day. I have no desire to play a run of the mill Bollywood hero in a typical Bollywood film," the 26-year-old actor said.

Arunoday who says that his aspiration is to be the first Indian actor to win an Oscar is quick to state that his "political connection" is if no use in his chosen profession.

"I have no connections in the entertainment industry and here it does not help having a politician for a grand father. The audience judges you by your talent and talent is all that counts," says Arunoday who struggled as a theatre actor in New York before coming to Mumbai.

The debutante who will be seen opposite Konkona Sen Sharma in Vinay Shukla's 'Mirch' and Sonam Kapoor in 'Ayesha' said that he has been incredibly lucky as far as his film career goes.

"It was hard surviving as a self employed actor in New York and there is so much of interesting work happening here in India. We have a new crop of directors who are moving away from the cut and dried formulas and are not hestistant to take risks. That's excellent news for actors like me," said Arunoday.

And the 'lucky' actor seems to have his plate full right now.

He plays a writer in 'Mirch' who is struggling to balance the creative and commercial aspects of his profession while he is a seducer in Anil Kapoor's home production 'Emma', which is an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic of the same name.

"I took on the role in 'Mirch' because I understand the guy. I understand the apprehension of the artist towards his product. I did not understand Zahgeer, my character in 'Sikandar'. He was far removed from anything I have experienced in my life.

In Ayesha, I play a lothario modelled on Churchill from 'Emma'. It is an interesting line-up," says Arunoday.

Though Bollywood seems to have embraced him, the actor says that he may return to New York if offered interesting work there.

"I am an actor, I will go where the work is. If I am offered a great play in New York I will definitely not say no," said Arunoday.

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