He returns to settle 'imitation' score

He returns to settle 'imitation' score

All that glitters...

A woman was cleaning the area in front of her house in Vishweshwara Nagar in the city, recently. The sun was yet to rise, and the woman was busy watering, under the glare of street lamp, to keep the dust at bay. It was her routine, which she did with effervescence, unmindful of the world around her.

A youth who sprang suddenly, struck the lady. Much before she could come out of the daze, the intruder had yanked off the chain she was wearing, the only valuable in her possession, before taking to heels.

Sources told Deccan Herald, the woman, though left  dumbstruck following the incident, didn’t react later. She chose to resume with her duty, as though nothing untoward had happened. What happened following day, was a shocker, nothing unheard of in the recent past.

No sooner, the woman came out, for the chore, the same youth, who seemed to be waiting for her, appeared. The lady who was taken aback, was coming to terms, when the assailant manhandled her, besides abusing, obviously for ‘duping’ him.

She was still in a puzzle, when the youth threw the chain in disgust on her face. She collected the chain, much to the embarrassment of the youth, who was still fuming.


Any guesses why? It’s not that the youth repented for having purloined from the helpless lady and came to return the valuable, or it didn’t bring any windfall for him. He was not even a man of abnormal behaviour to do so. But because, he found himself in the muddle, soon after escaping with the booty, that cut short his happiness of successful early morning operation. The valuable, he thought was an ‘imitation jewellery’, that could hardly fetch him a decent sum.

The woman who was the lone witness to the whole drama, confided in her neighbours, but with a promise- not to disclose it to anybody, that could eventually reach police.