Innovative skills put to test

Innovative skills put to test


Bigger and better than all its previous editions, the ‘Connect’ showcased a host of cultural events along with a wide range of technical events.

Apart from ‘Connect 11’, the campus of RVCE was also hosting festivals of other departments. Therefore the entire campus wore a joyous atmosphere.

‘Connect’ was open to students from across the State, and saw participation of more than 300 colleges. The event had something to offer for all kinds of students. Sports enthusiasts tried their luck at mini-football, cricket, table tennis and basketball. Students, who were good at painting, debating, singing and dancing, also got the right platform to showcase their prowess.

Innovative events like ‘Celeb in Trouble’ tested the skills of individual in handling crisis situation.The participant had to act like the PRO of a particular celebrity and had to do everything to save the image of that celebrity. One of the events called ‘Connected’ was of full fun and saw students being tested for similar qualities.

‘Who Dares to Win?’ was a fun and adventurous event inspired by one of the popular shows on AXN. Teams, comprising three members each, had many interesting tasks to complete. In the first round, all the three members had to run a specified distance with their legs tied to one another.

‘Heal The World’ was the theme for the ‘Face Painting’ contest in which students picturised their concepts on how a person could give back to the society.  Students, who wanted to put their learning into practice had many exciting events, like ‘PCB Design’, ‘Circuit Debugging’, ‘Robotics’ and ‘Tech Quiz’. Jetwings Technologies conducted a live aero-model display during the festival and showed the students the ability of miniature aeroplane models.

“This is the first time that we had conducted a state-level fest. Earlier, it was just limited to technical events and paper presentation. Usually, festivals are co-ordinated by the second and third year students as the final students will be busy with their projects. But, in this festival, all the final year students have taken active part in spite of their hectic project works. In the name of this fest, we all got ‘connected’ once again,” says Deepika Chander, one of the event co-ordinators.