Technology at its best

Technology at its best


Five students of PES Polytechnic, along with two engineering students of PESIT, have designed and built a formula race car for ‘International Hybrid Formula SAE Competition 2011’. Calling themselves ‘Team Vidyuth’, these seven dedicated members have worked day and night to develop this open-wheel, single-seat racing car.

“We were fortunate to get an opportunity to work on such a challenging project. The college recognised our efforts and came forward to fund this project which helped us concentrate more on our work without worrying about the financial aspects of the project,” says Chethan, a member of ‘Team Vidyuth’. The other members of the team are Kini Nikhil, Sharan, Manoj Kumar and Nikhil Thomas. The other two students are from PESIT.

The ‘Super Hybrid Two Wheeler’ has been made by Harish, Vinayak, Sandeep, Chethan, Arpan, Arun, Akshay and Vijay. They have installed an LED acid battery to a two wheeler so that the bike can run on both petrol and battery. The battery gets charged automatically when the bike is in motion. “Though hybrid cars are already there in the market, no one has tried this concept on two wheelers yet,” says Harish, one of the students.

A team comprising Vasanth, Dilip, Deepak, Karthik, Mohan, Saketh and Karthik K has built a prototype of ‘Hybrid Multi Brid Truck’ which is enabled with load sensor. “We affixed a battery to a truck. So when it is not loaded, it runs on battery which gets charged automatically when it is in motion. To check the menace of overloading, we have installed a load sensor to the vehicle. It averts accidents,” says Dilip.

The ‘Parallel Parking Innovation Project’ is done by Vishal, Srinidhi, Punith, Deepak, Mahadevappa, Chethan and Manjunath. “The increase in vehicles has been causing a shortage of parking space in the City.

We have built a machine which helps utilise the available space in an efficient way. The machine lifts the vehicle up and places it in an available parking location. It saves the energy and time of the driver and avoids scratches on the vehicle,” says Vishal.