US intel found 26/11 accused using cellphone in Pak prison

US intel found 26/11 accused using cellphone in Pak prison

However, the Pakistani authorities did not act even when provided the information by the US, a media report said today.

"The Pakistanis try to get out of facing tough questions by anti-American statements in Pakistani media," The News daily quoted an unnamed US official as saying in its report.
"Only recently, we gave them intelligence based on electronic means that one Mumbai incident accused was still using a cell phone from prison but nothing has happened. How can we trust them in such environment?" the official asked.

The official was speaking about reasons why US authorities were not trusting Pakistan completely.

The report said while willing to avoid placing excessive open pressure on a weak civilian government and often issuing statements that reassured Pakistan, Americans have repeatedly said they felt betrayed.

"Soon after the Mumbai attacks, President Bush issued a statement which said that the ISI was not involved in the Mumbai attacks. This was mainly due to the personal efforts of Pakistan's Ambassador to US, Husain Haqqani, who met with senior Bush administration officials to request that statement.

"In return, Pakistan assured full cooperation in investigating the Mumbai incident. Americans say that Pakistan never stuck to its side of the bargain and serious action had not been taken against Mumbai incident accused until now," the daily said.