Catwalking through life

Catwalking through life

Up close and personal

Catwalking through life

Jackie and Rahul Dev Shetty. DH photo by Manjunath M S

She is one of the hottest models, who gives many newcomers chills on the ramp. He is a well-established choreographer. Together they are one of the most well-known couples in the City’s fashion circuit. A marriage of nine years have made Jackie and Rahul Dev Shetty a made-for-each-other couple.

It was in the 90s that the couple first met, at a shoot for a designer label. “It was one of my first jobs as a model. Rahul by then was a bit more known and established. This, of course, put immense pressure on me and I was a bit nervous,” says Jackie. 

Rahul adds, “I recall teasing her then since she was new in the field but we became friends and will always remain so.”

Cupid struck much later and Jackie says that it was she who made the first move. “It was during one of our shows that the chemistry sparked off. A few days later, I approached him and told him that I was in love with him and nine years later here we are,” she says.

 The hectic schedules and travelling that the fashion industry demands made it very difficult for the couple to spend time with each other. But what made it really easy was the fact that they were in the same line of work.

“If anything at all, it brought us closer and made us stronger and more understanding of each other,” says Jackie.

“It’s great working together. We are constantly encouraging each other to grow, accept challenges and achieve our desired goals. We are a great support system to each other and thoroughly enjoy our working relationship.”

When it comes to work, they are also highly critical of each other.

 “We need to be critical, else we would easily get complacent and side-tracked,” says Rahul, who usually takes care of the business and the financial aspects of the career while Jackie, he says, is more creative and has an eye for detail, “Hence the saying, ‘trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle’ is very apt for us,” he adds.

Jackie, on the other hand, takes the criticism as an act of respect. “It is important to have a honest feedback in order to help each other grow, stay grounded and maintain perspective,” she says.

If Rahul is the frontman in the business, it’s Jackie’s turn to be so while at home. Ask Jackie to pick one grouse in Rahul and she quickly points out that he does not help around in any of the household chores.

“At times, it does get terribly annoying that he refuses to chip in with the domestic chores. This is my only grouse with him. Also, he possesses this child-like quality at home, which could be painfully disturbing at times and endearing at other,” she says. Rahul quickly jumps into his defence and says, “I do look after our dogs when she is travelling though.”

When both have time, the one place they would love to hang out is at home. Rahul says that he would gladly give up a social do for a movie at home, Jackie on the other hand loves painting, “I am a great fan of abstract art. I find it relaxing and extremely therapeutic. Apart from that you will find me lounging at home or just goofing around with my dogs,” says Jackie. Rahul adds, “I also have a close circle of friends who meet up once a week to do some quizzing or dumb charades or even a game of cricket if the weather and the old creaky bones permit.”

Though they rarely go out, they do have their favourite joints in the City. “I am a foodie, so any place that tickles my taste buds would be my favourite hangout. I would gladly take up residence at the Corner House if my wife would let me,” he says.

Another place the couple loves is the 13th Floor. “On the rare occasions that we go out it’s mostly to the 13th Floor. I love the music, the ambience, the incredible view of the City and the fact that you could almost reach out to the stars is absolutely magnificent,” adds Jackie. 

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