Now, you can also kill Osama bin Laden, virtually!

Now, you can also kill Osama bin Laden, virtually!

In a quickly drawn up replica of bin Laden's compound, players arrive by Black Hawk just like the US Navy Seals did only seven days ago to finally avenge the deaths of the terror leader's victims.

Episode 107 of the game, known as KumaWar, was quickly generated to reflect the latest development in the war on terror. In it, a grey-haired bin Laden is hunted by the US elite special forces squad which pumped two bullets into his head and chest last Sunday.
Gamers can lead the elite unit into a virtual version of his guarded hideaway in Abbottabad and claim the kill for themselves.

Other episodes of the game have featured the invasion of Afghanistan, the hunt for hanged Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the search for weapons of mass destruction.

Kuma's CEO Keith Halper told the 'Hollywood Reporter': "We read the same published reports as everyone else, though I suspect with a different eye. Since we've to reproduce events in 3D we care deeply about esoteric details like distances, heights, vegetation, furniture and the like that have to be re-created in the game.

"Sounds -- dogs barking, helicopters' orbits, pyrotechnics -- those are important too. It's all available in the public sources, and there was a tremendous amount of data released. But the magic is in piecing together the details from the million little clues in order to create a convincing 3D environment."